Muse is the indie print and digital imprint of East Slope Publishing Limited, with offices in Hong Kong. Here’s what we’re about:

Bridging cultures and languages

We publish quality fiction and nonfiction that connects global readers with greater China’s authors and ideas, leveraging the unique resources of our home in Hong Kong. We publish bilingual, translated, and original English works, enabling both Western and Chinese readers to explore the cultural corners of greater China.

Providing world-class publishing services for a select group of authors

Muse is a discerning curator. We publish titles from a select number of authors—with first-class editing, translation and presentation. As Muse expands beyond Asia, we are building on a catalog of titles on nonfiction topics ranging from architecture, literature and film, to the shifting impressions of China in the minds of Western “China Watchers.” Muse fiction includes a series of books by three award-winning “new generation” Hong Kong writers; pairing them with award-winning translators, Muse is launching their work onto a global stage for the first time.

Digital innovation

Muse is a digital pioneer, using a variety of print and digital formats to present our authors’ ideas. We believe that digital media and the internet will play the central role in the way stories are told, and the way writers and readers interact. As the internet removes distribution bottlenecks, we are making global literature accessible to new audiences.

To find out more about Muse, our upcoming titles, or rights information, contact us at muse@musemag.hk.