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Creating Across Cultures by Michelle Vosper

This collection of profiles celebrates the artistic achievements of sixteen visionary women from a region of surprisingly diverse cultures despite their geographical proximity. From literary figures like Nieh Hualing and dance icons like Yang Meiqi, to bold contemporary artists Yin Xiuzhen and Lulu Hou, their creativity covers a wide range of literary, visual and performing arts. These courageous women often had to defy cultural expectations in order to heed their artistic drive. Their artworks delve into the social realities of their times, and their personal stories provide an intimate portrait of the historical trajectory of Greater China over three generations. Written by journalists and scholars with deep knowledge of the arts in Asia, and richly illustrated with images of art and historical events, the collection reveals the vibrance of women’s art in the region.

The profiled artists:

• Nieh Hualing 聶華苓, author
• Liao Wen 廖雯, art critic and curator
• Candace Chong 莊梅岩, playwright
• Yin Xiuzhen 尹秀珍, visual artist
• Choi Yan Chi 蔡仞姿 , artist and educator
• Lulu Hou 侯淑姿 , photographic artist
• Jaffa Lam 林嵐 , installation artist
• Yang Lina 楊荔鈉 , filmmaker
• Bun-Ching Lam 林品晶, composer
• Wang Xinxin 王心心, Nanguan performer
• Tian Mansha 田蔓莎, Sichuan Opera performer
• Wu Na 巫娜, guqin musician

• Yang Meiqi 楊美琦, modern dance pioneer
• Pisui Ciyo 碧斯蔚.梓佑, dancer/choreographer/vocalist
• Mui Cheuk Yin 梅卓燕, dancer/choreographer
• Wen Hui 文慧, dancer/choreographer

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The Kite Family by Hon Lai-chu

A patient escapes from an asylum to spend his life as the perfect mannequin in a store display; a luckless man transforms himself into a chair so people can, literally, sit on him; after living alone is outlawed, a woman who resides quietly with her cat is assigned a role in an artificial “family.” These are just a few of the inhabitants of Hon Lai-chu’s stories, where surreal characters struggle to carve out space for freedom and individuality in an absurd world. The Chinese version of The Kite Family won the New Writer’s Novella first prize from Taiwan’s Unitas Literary Association, was selected as one of the Top 10 Chinese Novels Worldwide, and was awarded a Translation Grant from the U.S. National Endowment for the Arts.

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Snow and Shadow by Dorothy Tse

Long-listed for the University of Rochester's Best Translated Book Award 2015

Dorothy Tse’s stories often start on a note of innocence, but an abrupt twist invariably brings us up short: dreamscapes descend and the pages become populated with ever-weirder characters. Strange occurrences are juxtaposed in ways that confound logical expectations. These stories are not for the faint-hearted—violence and sensuality abound. Limbs, even heads, are lopped off with regularity. Yet scenes can be so outrageous that we find ourselves laughing. Tse’s bold narrative experiments leave us alternately beguiled and deeply unsettled.

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